The Five Families of Boss Status Collection, inspired by Aaron K. Parr, born in  Philadelphia (City Of Brotherly Love) encompasses the essence of these family brand names: Royal Swagg | Un Champ de Papillons | 4 Eva Winning | Limit-Less | Boss Status Collection (BSC,BS Signature and Vintage Collection) to appeal to world class citizens. It is said that "Clothes don't make the person," but it sure can make a person look and feel good. These luxurious fashion brands focus on casual to sophistication wear. Boss Status Collection, the parent company's focus is  to merge its brand images with its high quality products, always solidifying a top of mind presence with our clients, who will captivate the room with "their fashion."

The very nascent of my existence, I grew up in a family where fashion was more than a look but a state of being. So coming up with the name Royal Swagg, Elevating you to where you are, and to how you want look; coined the phrase "You Just Been Swagg."